Waffen Arsenal Special No 4
"Waffen und Fahrzeuge der Heere und Luftstreitkraft"

by W Kopenhagen

Published by podzun-plallas-verlag 6360 Friedberg/h Dorheim Germany

Review Type: Magazine Review
ISBN No.: 3-7909-0460-0
Rating: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Ian Sadler

S u m m a r y

Contents: Soft cover, A4 sized magazine with 54 pages in German text
Price: Price about 6-50 to 7-50 depending on dealer UK only
Advantages: Good coverage and photos
Disadvantages: German text only
Recommendation: Highly recommended to Soviet and Eastern-Bloc armour enthusiasts


F i r s t R e a d


Printed on high quality gloss paper and A4 size, this magazine has 54 pages printed in German only. The subject matter makes up for this limitation.

One would think by the title that this magazine is all about Rockets in East German use from 1956 till the collapse. Well the first half of the book is, but it is the other half that makes this Special so "Special".

How many types of ARV do you think the East German’s had in service? Until I obtained this book I thought I knew all the answers - shows you how wrong you can be. In total they had 9 - two more than I knew about.

All the vehicles are shown in black and white photographs; usually two per page. The quality is very sharp and clear - outstanding.

The types are generic SU-76 light aid type, T-34T, T-34 A, T-34 TB, T-34 TC, SU-85, T-34K, T-34F, T-72TK.

They have lumped all the T-34 T types together. I have described them as more manageable sub types for recognition purposes. It all depends on the fit of equipment carried and it is only by recognising the slight differences is one able to positively identify the sub-types correctly.

The rest of the book contains the following interesting vehicles GAZ 67b BA-64BUAZ –469, Sopka rocket, airborne light ambulance, T-55 driver training vehicle, FAB-500u driver training vehicle Shilka, T-72 driver training vehicle. MAZ –537G Tank transporter and trailer, scale drawings of the Lorry vehicle pod utility type and trailer used on all standard Russian vehicles such as UAZ, GAS, ZIL and lastly the S200 rocket and its ground launcher.

This magazine deserves a place on the reference shelf on anyone who is interested in foreign usage of Russian equipment. So little has emerged from the East German Army Photo Archives that this magazine fills an invaluable space.

I recommend that you try to obtain one. I know it will open up many potential ideas for models and will form the basis of research into East German vehicles in its own right.

Get one while you can. 

Review Copyright 1999 by Ian Sadler
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