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"Villers-Bocage Through The Lens"

by Daniel Taylor


After the Battle
Church House, Church Street, London.E16 3JA.
Email afterthebattle@mcmail.com

Review Type: Book Review
ISBN: ISBN 1-870067-07-X
Price: Cost in UK 17-95
Rating: Recommended

Reviewed by Ian Sadler

S u m m a r y

Hardcover landscape format, 114 black-and-white photos, maps and plans included
Advantages: Chronological layout, great photos, first-hand research
Recommendation: Recommended to any one who studies the Normandy Battles and it’s outcome


F i r s t   L o o k

This book is published in a hardbound landscape format and printed on very high quality gloss paper. All the photographs and plans are in Black and White. Do not let this put you off for they are drawn from unpublished German wartime photographs and newsreel taken just after the battle.

This book uncovers the real story behind the myths surrounding this important battle and lays them to rest.

It has 114 photographs, many of which are full plate and they are of museum quality.

It has maps and 12 very clever positional plans of each section of the battle showing the photographs tied into the plans and the correct identification of all the tanks and armour knocked out.

The book is laid out in an hour by hour sequence with the plans and photographs all neatly tied in. It draws heavily on the recollections of the survivors and offical reports written at the time from both sides.

For a battle report it is not dry but is full of the thoughts, humour and tragedies that happens in battles like this.

This book has taken a very long time to prepare but the final outcome is well worth it. It certainly deserves to be listed in the book of the year category.

I recommend it to any one who studies the Normandy Battles and it’s outcome.

It will serve as a very useful reference book for years to come and could be considered the standard museum reference book on the subject.

The author is to be congratulated for his achievements.


Ian Sadler - IPMS (UK) Armour TAS Leader

Review Copyright 1999 by Ian Sadler
Page Created 05 May, 1999
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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