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Tuskers, An Armor Battalion in the Gulf War 

By David S Pierson



S u m m a r y

Publishers Details: Darlington Productions, December 1999
ISBN: 0-96487993-5-2
Contents: 231 pages, photographs in text, maps, sketches, index, bibliography.
Price: Price US$27.95
Review Type: Book Review
Advantages: Well-written tanker's-eye view of the Gulf War from buildup to the final actions.
Disadvantages: Photographs are in the text pages, not separately printed so a little "muddy" - but this isn't a photobook anyway.
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by John Prigent




Captain Pearson was Battalion S2 (Intelligence Officer) in 4/64 Armored Regiment. Here he gives the Battalion's story during its mobilisation, travel to Saudi Arabia, planning and training for the liberation of Kuwait and the actual ground combat operations.

He shows the reader just what it felt like to sit waiting for an Iraqi attack into Saudi Arabia, and how the Battalion was reorganised into Task Force Tusker (the Battalion's nickname) before the attack into Iraq. Tusker served on the left flank and fought its way up to cut the Basra Road and isolate the Iraqi Republican Guard. This may have meant less combat than the units which attacked east into Kuwait, but Tusker still saw plenty of action and the S2 was in a position to know (as much as anyone in the fog of war) what was going on. Captain Pearson took part in the preliminary reconnaissance of the Iraqi frontier and was still in the thick of it when the Hammurabi Division tried to break out from Basra and was destroyed.

This is not one of those "from the top" views which concentrate on the big picture, but the recollections of a combat tanker facing his enemy on the ground. If you want to know what it was really like in the Gulf War don't miss this book.

Review Copyright 2000 by John Prigent
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Last updated 22 July, 2003

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