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Panzerkampfwagen VI P (Sd.kfz. 181). The History of the Porsche Typ 100 and 101 (Also Known as the Leopard and Tiger (P)) 

By Thomas L Jentz and Hilary L Doyle



S u m m a r y

Publishers Details: Darlington Productions, December 1999
Contents: 60 pages, photographs, 1/35 scale plans
Price: Price 7.99/US$12.95
Review Type: Book Review
Advantages: Excellent descriptions show how the Tiger (P) developed from the VK30,01 project. Lots of clear photographs, excellent plans by Hilary Doyle.
Disadvantages: May (and I emphasise only may) be duplicated to a certain extent by Tom Jentz' final volume of his Tiger series for Schiffer.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended 


Reviewed by John Prigent




This book covers the Porsche contender for the Tiger I contract in as much detail as possible. As usual Mr Jentz includes only information from the original German archives - no guess-work, no assumptions, no retailing of mistakes from other sources. He begins with the original concept for the VK 30.01 and takes us through its development into what became the Tiger (P). All the changes along the way are documented, and many of them illustrated. The history of all the vehicles actually built is here as well, including 3 converted to Ramm-Tigers, 2 kept by WaPruef 6 for testing, and 1 outfitted as a befehlspanzer and subsequently re-engined before it's now-famous use in action by PzJagAbt 653.

The clearly-reproduced photos show not only that tank but also most of the others produced, and Hilary Doyle's splendid plans show the various changes on vehicles built as production progressed. You need this book if you want to build either the Italeri "Porsche Tiger I" kit or any of the conversions available to produce the PzJag Abt 653 tank. My only reservation is that it is not yet known how much of the material here will also be included in Tom Jentz' final Schiffer book on the Tigers. I'd guess that most is unique to this one, which makes it the ideal one-stop-shop for its subject.

Review Copyright 2000 by John Prigent
Page Created 23 August, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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