Tiger I Ausf. E (Late)


Catalogue No.: 293
Scale: 1/35
Media: Injection Styrene
Review Type: Construction
Rating: Recommended

Reviewed by Juho Ala-Jaaski

S u m m a r y

Price: US$23 or less
Advantages: Comes with zimmerit, fairly good fit, good decals.
Disadvantages: No crew figures, zimmerit a bit too thick.
Recommendation: A good Tiger I kit - not up to the standard of the new Tamiya Tiger I, but cheaper and not even close as bad as the old Tamiya kit!


C o n s t r u c t i o n    R e v i e w

Italeri have come up with the idea of making zimmerit out of styrene sheet and to include it with their kits. The recent Italeri Panther Ausf.A and the Tiger I reviewed on Track-Link come with these zimmerit sheets. They're also available as a separate set.

The kit goes together fairly well, with the exception of the front hull plate and the turret zimmerit. Some basic interior turret detail is provided, including the gun-breech, turret seats and some stowage for the turret walls.

Take care assembling the fenders since they don't line up well. Also, let the turret zimmerit dry at least 2 days or it WILL pop off (alternatively it may be assembled with super-glue and accelerator). You will also need to thin the zimmerit sheets, fenders and the exhaust-covers.

Italeri provides link-and-length tracks with an ejector pin mark on each track block's inner face, but they look good when finished. Assembly around the drive-sprocket is a bit tricky, and dry fitting is essential.

The hull halves went together well, and no filler was needed. Be careful assembling the upper front-hull plate though, as it doesn't align well.

The decals responded well to Micro Sol, but need a flat over coat to seal them off and to hide the gloss (as always!)

I highly recommend this kit to anyone who doesn't want to pay over US$35 to get the new Tamiya Tiger I, and want's zimmerit on their Tiger I.

Review by Juho Ala-Jaaski May 1998.
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Page Created 11 May, 1998.
Last updated 22 July, 2003.

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