T-28 Soviet Heavy Tank


Catalogue No.: 35031
Scale: 1/35
Media: Olive green colored styrene, injection molded in white styrene track-links, decals
Review Type: Construction
Rating: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Juho Ala-Jaaski

S u m m a r y

Price: US$30.95 at Squadron mail order
Advantages: Better than it's AER comparison, cheap when compared to Tamiya kits, comes with "full" interior including engine compartment, includes nice single-link tracks, nice head-lights.
Disadvantages: Missing star on top of the turret, missing engine deck cover storage box, soft detail, MGs are usable, but not very good, poor fit of the turrets and hatches.
Availability: In Finland the kit' is widely available, but might be hard to get elsewhere. Stateside, Squadron carries both the ICM T-28 and T-35.
Recommendation: Recommended for Soviet Armour Fans


In the Box

ICM is one of the newcomers form Eastern Europe.

Their first kit was the YAK-9 Russian fighter, which was followed by the 45mm AT-gun, the T-28 I'm reviewing, and the T-35. Still to come are the IT-28 bridge layer tank and, according to the rumors, there was supposed to be a Cromwell Mk.IV and a Comet. However these have been canceled in favor of more Russian subjects

The kit is molded in olive-green styrene (similar to the kind found on Tamiya's older U.S armor kits) and comes with single-link tracks which are molded in white. Decals are provided for one Finnish (not accurate), and three Russian versions.


C o n s t r u c t i o n


The lower hull is molded in 3 pieces with separate drive-train housings which fit together well. You'll have to place some clamps on the hull-side to secure the drive-train housing join while the glue is drying. Oddly, ICM provides raised circles for the escape and maintenance hatch positions on the hull bottom, but not the  hatches themselves. The hatches can easily be added from sheet styrene if desired.

The T-28 had very complicated running gear which resulted in many breakdowns.

The kit comes with separate wheels, but the vertical support and the horizontal wheel support are molded one piece. You'll need to do some cutting in order to position the suspension for uneven ground.

The vertical supports don't fit well into their location holes. You'll have to trim part of the ledge on the end of it to get it to fit. Also, the idler wheel supports and axles don't fit well. Enlarge the hole for the axle on the hull side, and the hole on the support to get them to fit. But watch out - the drive sprockets are a VERY tight fit!

The tracks fit well with no fit problems. The guide horns look too thick but this is appropriate as the real ones were quite thick too.



The kit comes with a partial interior including the commander's and gunner's positions (main gun),  machine-gunners turrets and driver's seats, drive controls, gun breech, turret and front-hull floor, ready-round racks and the inside idler wheel trunions.

Most of the parts fit well, but you'll need to enlarge the holes on the ready-round supports in order for the to fit on the seat support poles. Injection molded 76mm gun rounds are provided, but they have some nasty mould parting lines on them which need to be cleaned up. Also, the gun-breech should be black, not green as the instructions suggest. Don't bother adding too much (if any) interior detail, unless you're going to display the model without the top in place, since even with all the hatches open you can't even see the detail provided in the kit. I added the commander's and gunner's standing platforms from sheet styrene, since with the turret hatches open they're a very showy detail. I can't give much comment on the engine since I didn't use mine on this project. All I can say is: It looks good on the sprues, but lacks some details such as wiring.



The upper hull comes in one piece, with whole fenders (unlike Tamiya kits) separate engine deck side walls, rear engine fan cover (with separate hatches, top and sides) and separate hatches which fit poorly.

Most of the small detail parts fit well except for the two boxes on the fenders. Their tops lack butt-joints to the outer box side. Also, the things in the back of the boxes don't fit well. Use caution when adding the rear lights on to the engine deck side panels - the holes for them are too small. My rear engine fan cover box top was warped and didn't fit well.

None of the engine deck hatch openings are big enough, which prevents hatches from sitting properly. I didn't use the tow cables provided, but didn't replace them either.

You'll have to scratch build the engine deck cover storage box form sheet styrene since the kit doesn't come with it, even though it's visible on the box top painting.

You'll also have to add the head-light lenses, but this is very easy since ICM provides hollowed out head lights, and no drilling is required.



The T-28 was unique due to its three independently moving turrets. Two turrets housed 7.6mm DT machine-guns and the main turret was armed with the short barreled 76mm howitzer. You'll have an option of making an early or a late T-28 as both guns are provided - the shorter gun with the aerial antenna around the main turret, and the later longer gun. Check you're references.

If you want to build the Finnish version, you should use the longer gun, replace the decals with full swastikas (this applies to all Finnish T-28s painted green) for the turret sides, the commander's hatch and the front vertical plate. You should also paint either number 48 or 49 on the front vertical plate.

The turret halves don't fit well. You should first carefully align them and then start solving the problem.The main turret roof lacks the star cast on it. This is easy to make using the star decal provided, gluing it on to a sheet styrene and the using it as a template to cut out the star. I drilled out the periscope bottoms(molded on the turret roof) in order to allow more light into the turret(main). I replaced the anti-aircraft MG with a white metal one from my spares box.

The 2 MG-turrets fit together with very few fit problems. Use caution when assembling the MGs, they are very fragile.


C o n c l u s i o n

The overall appearance of the kits is very nice and accurate, with a few fit problems and missing details. Definitely better than the AER T-28 and all other Easter manufacturers kits I've built, including Zvezda.

Highly recommended!

Review by Juho Ala-Jaaski May 1998.
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