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"Steyr 1500A In Detail"

Frantisek Koran and Jan Mostek


S u m m a r y
Publisher: Special Museum Line No 9 published by WWP Prague, Contact RAK P.O Box 35, 170 06 Prague 7, Czech Republic.
Contents and Media: Soft cover
ISBN: 80-802677-3-4
Price: Not Known
Review Type: Book Review
Advantages: Great quality, plenty of new colour photos; good sketches; extensive coverage
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Ian Sadler


F i r s t L o o k


This book is published in WWP's now familiar landscape format and on very high quality gloss paper. It is split into the following chapters - Round up in full colour of the types used in this intensive study, Passenger, Firetruck, Cargo body, and Bus Walk.

It has 4 pages of the very finest sketch drawings showing the chassis in plan, side and sectional elevations.

The page on just the engine is a gem and worth the price of the book alone. It then studies all the Exterior, windshield, Canvas top and frame, engine, Service accessories, Interior, and accessories, Wheels, Small exterior, Spare wheel details, Front axle, Rear Axle details by use of very high quality black and white close up photographs linked to the text.

The book commences with a basic history of the Steyr 1500A and its development. Each section is illustrated in very clear close up details as a full colour photomontage. 76 colour photographs and 131 black and white photographs are packed into the book's with between two and four per page.

Attention to detail is outstanding, the quality of the photographs is very high.

This is one vehicle that has been very poorly served as far as information, now with this excellent book you will be able to enhance the Tamiya model and produce a winner for that is what this book is a winner.

It is once more a book that I wish had been published many - many years ago. I am pleased to say the wait has been worth it. I doubt if it could be bettered. This book deserves a place on the reference shelves and will be used time and time again by those looking for inspiration for that Steyr model.

Price not known as the Editor Franti Koran sent a copy to me for review, many thanks and keep up the good work.

Ian Sadler

Review Copyright 2000 by Ian Sadler
Page Created 22 March, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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