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Steyr 1500 A and
Steyr 1500 A/01



AMC Models

AMC's 1/72 scale Steyr 1500 A & Steyr 1500 A/01 models are available online at Squadron.com


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: KPC72103 - Steyr 1500 A
KPC72104 - Steyr 1500 A/01
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: 46 parts in tan plastic; 1 28mm x 19mm brass etched fret; 1 clear acetate sheet (windscreen)
Price: USD$14.96 each from Squadron.com
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Good detail; nice fabric texture; etched parts are a thoughtful touch; acetate windscreen provides scale thisckness; looks accurate.
Disadvantages: Disappointing front wheels; lots of flash; only one hood option per kit; one variant per kit.
Recommendation: Recommended to wargamers and small-scale armour enthusiasts.


Reviewed by Brett Green




AMC Models is a Czech company that produces small-scale military models. They have recently released two variants of the Austrian Steyr 1500 heavy car. 

Both of AMC Model's Steyrs are identical with three exceptions. These are: 

  • the driver's side body (the 1500 A stores the spare tyre inside, while the body of the 1500 A/01 has a large indent permitting the spare tyre to be stowed outside the car)

  • the canvas canopy (the 1500 A kit supplies an erected hood and the 1500 A/01 supplies a folded hood)

  • decals (1500 A issues decals for a Wehrmacht vehicle in grey; 1500 A/01 provides decals for an Afrika Korps car).

Otherwise, both kits share 44 parts moulded in tan styrene on a single sprue. Sprue connection points are fairly narrow, but many of the parts are surrounded by fine flash. This is particularly apparent on the protective grille at the front of the vehicle.



The detail on most parts is quite good, with structural features moulded onto both sides of body sidewalls and floor parts. A few feint ejector pin marks are apparent, but these are generally in places that will be hard to see when the model is completed. Fabric detail is nicely done in this small scale too.

The biggest disappointment is the very poor front wheels. This is not a moulding flaw - it is just bad design. I recommend lots of mud to hide them!

The etched parts are a thoughtful addition in this scale. They provide the characteristic mesh grilles for front and sides of the engine compartment. These parts are simply glued onto the outside of the plastic, but on the real vehicle they were recessed. The truly masochistic modeller may attempt to cut out the appropriate shapes in the hood to accommodate these etched parts. The instrument panel, rear-view mirror, steps and width-guide poles are also supplied as etched parts. The small balls on the end of the poles should be replicated with a tiny blob of white glue to restore a three-dimensional effect.

The final photo-etched part is the windscreen frame. This part is glued to the acetate windscreen to ensure scale thickness. Nice touch!

Instructions are called out over eleven steps on a folded A3 sheet. History and scale drawings are also provided on this sheet.





AMC Models' 1/72 scale Steyrs are nice little models that will be appreciated by small-scale modellers and wargamers.



Detail is quite good (with the exception of the front wheels), and the inclusion of etched parts addresses moulding limitations in this scale. However, I would have preferred to see both 1500 A and A/01 options included in one kit; and certainly would have liked to see the option of a folded and erected hood in both kits. 


Review and Images Copyright 2001 by Brett Green
Page Created 26 November, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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