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Media: Soft cover; A4 format; full colour; 83 pages + covers
Price: USD$17.46 from
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: High quality of printing, full colour format on glossy pages, excellent balance of subject matter, a good mix of models and reference photos of the real thing
Disadvantages: All subjects are in 1/35 (or 1 / 1) Scale.
Recommendation: Recommended 


Model Expert Military Series No. 1 may be ordered online through


Reviewed by Al Bowie




When the Editor mentioned that this magazine had a couple of Sherman articles, I jumped at the chance to review it.

Having now seen the magazine in more detail, I can say my initial enthusiasm was well founded.

"MODEL expert, MILITARY SERIES Vol 1"  is the third English language publication from Periscopio, and their first English language armour offering. It appears to be a collection of articles from the Greek Monthly Model Expert. Other aviation titles by the same Greek publisher are advertised within.

The publication features a high quality printing throughout and has a heavy cardboard glossy cover enclosing 83 pages packed with modelling and reference subjects. Apart from the Publishers advertisement on the opening pages there are no other ads within. The 83 pages represent good value for your modelling dollar.

I could find little fault with any of the English text, even considering the Greek origins of the magazine.

The magazine features modelling articles on the following 1/35 scale subjects:

  • M3 Lee - a semi rework of the Tamiya Lee with photos of an actual turret.

  • Shermans- Six in all:

    • M4A3 HVSS 76mm -DML;

    • M4 TAMIYA;

    • FIREFLY 1C -Verlinden based;


    • M4A1 -ITALERI -Great dio set in the snow and an M4A1 75mm DML w/wading gear. These are all supported by generic sherman photos of museum and wartime vehicles

  • Hetzer - A DML Early and a Cromwell E10

  • Jagpanzer IV - Revell

  • Schwimmwagen Type 166 - Tamiya supported by photos of an example preserved at Saumur.

  • Tamiya T34/76 Mod 42& Zveda/Tamiya cross of a T34/76 Mod 43 late. A photo essay of T34 / 85s & 76s is also included

In summary, this is a great magazine with a good balance of subjects presented in diorama and stand-alone form , backed up with useful reference shots. I am at a loss to explain the reference value of including Sherman M4A4 photos when no kit of one was featured but appreciated them none the less.

I was pleasantly surprised that all the models featured did not appear familiar from the many excellent armour related websites currently online.





Model Expert Vol 1 appears to be an excellent new and high quality addition to the genre and is recommended to modellers of 1/35 scale armour.

I was quite impressed by this publication and will be looking forward to further volumes.


Thanks to Stelios Demiras from Periscopo Publications for the review sample.

Publisher's Information

Periscopo Publications are available from, or postage-free (by Air Mail) worldwide by addressing enquiries to via email to, or by Credit Card or Money Order to:

Stavros Panelis, 
PO Box 3951
10210 Athens

Tel/Fax + 01 382 1985

Review Copyright 2002 by Al Bowie
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