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KV-1B Model 1940
with Appliqué Armor



S u m m a r y

Stock No. Tamiya 1/35 Scale Military Miniatures Series No. 35142
Contents and Media: KV-1B Russian Tank Model 1940 Applique Armor; 153 parts (135 in dark olive drab styrene, 16 in black vinyl, 2 in silver vinyl)
Price: USD$26-$34
Scale: 1/35
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Crisp moldings, best model currently of this vehicle
Disadvantages: Same poor tracks from 1972, with the addition of about six parts kit could have provided great possibilities
Recommendation: Recommended for all Soviet WWII fans


Tamiya's 1/35 scale KV-1B is available online from Squadron.com

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


F i r s t   L o o k


I take a long time to get around to some kits, and had ignored KV tank kits for years as I wasn't really impressed with the 1972 Tamiya kit. It did have the advantage of being pretty much on the money as regards scale, as the hull of the KV was big enough to swallow up a standard Tamiya power pack and batteries. But the tracks were poor – only detailed on one side – and with all of the motorization compromises the kit left something to be desired.

In 1988 Tamiya tried to upgrade some of their older kits, producing five kits with only minor changes. All five – the upgraded Chi-Ha, the T-34-85, the M4A3E2 "Jumbo", the KV-1B, and the M60A3 – were kits from 1972 to 1981 vintage and all had one or two new sprues added to change the model to another variant. None of the original kit flaws, however, was fixed, so they were really quite mixed – 1988 state-of-the-art new turret and bits with 1972 lower hull and details. Not a particularly good mix in the case of the Sherman or T-34, but at least this kit had the benefit of a reasonably good hull.

The kit COULD have been very, very useful, but alas Tamiya left out some bits that would have permitted that to happen. The turret is a Model 1940 turret with the conical base and flat sides, and comes with the later production F-32 gun. But instead of two backs to the turret, Tamiya only provides one which has to be used with the applique armor. They also only provide a applique armor upper glacis. This is a shame, for had they provided a flat back to the turret and separate details for the upper glacis, as well as the inverted mantelet for the L-11 gun, any standard Model 1940 production tank could have been modeled from this kit (L-11 and F-32 gun barrels are virtually the same length – 32 calibers or about 96 inches) .

The kit also comes with nearly useless bits from the KV-1 Model 1941 kit – cylindrical spare fuel tanks, whereas the originals used four "flimsy" type cans, usually mounted on the right fender.

This kit does build into a reasonable KV-1 s Ehkranami (with applique) tank; KV-1B is a German designation given for the second observed model of the KV-1 tank. (The original kit was called a KV-1C by the Germans). Four sets of markings are provided, two of which are inscriptions and were used for a field demonstration of the new s Ehkranami tanks in the Leningrad Military District before the "900 Days" began.

Overall, it is at least better than the sorry Don Association kit, but it could have been much better. This kit HAS to have the pitiful tracks replaced, and that is a shame.

Cookie Sewell AMPS

Review Copyright © 2002 by Cookie Sewell
Page Created 27 April, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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