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Scale Metal Cables for Armour Models






S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Various
Scale: Various
Contents and Media: See Text Below
Price: Check Website
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Flexible, scale appearance, many varieties available
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for armour and diorama modellers.


Reviewed by Graham Green




These samples were kindly sent to me by 'KARAYA', a firm in Poland who are starting to market items for military vehicles. 

Their first product is 'Towing Cables' (shown in the title photo above) and they come in various diameters.



Unlike 'Bowden' cable, which is made from steel and hard to bend around the radii that modellers tend to use, this product, being wound from copper and 'annealed', is very easy to bend around the small curves that we modellers usually want it to! The top cable is much finer (0.45mm) and is used on the winch of the M35 US truck shown in the pictures (click thumbnails below to view images full-sized). 




Pictures show the TC's being used on an Abrams, Bradley (x2), M35 and a MLRS2. Two other pictures are included. 

The first, as they arrive, shows the samples as sent and the measurements are those that I took, however the site, mentioned below, has the measurements as they are 'advertised'. It also shows how tightly they can be bent. The second picture shows them 'painted steel'.

Check Web site for prices or contact them by Email and I am sure they will oblige.

KARAYA are working on a new product, a complete Browning M2 in 1/48 scale, two versions (Resin with metal barrel - not cast or PE, we wait and see!) and a 1/35 Mine roller, KMT-5 & KMT-4, standard for Warsaw Pact armour (Resin, metal chains and Karaya's TC cables). I look forward to seeing them when they are available.

If you go to this site ( http://www.gphobby.krakow.pl/index1.htm ) it will tell you the prices and in what quantities and sizes it is sold. I think it is a 'Karaya..cking'! piece of kit and I am sure it will be a winner with the 'armour brigade' or even on aircraft and ship dioramas.

Thanks to Karaya for the samples

Karaya products may be viewed at their website http://www.gphobby.krakow.pl/index1.htm , or by email on mag_trans@inetia.pl , or at their Polish mailing address, 

Review Copyright 2000 by Graham Green
Page Created 18 December, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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