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Italian Medium Tanks
In Action

By Nicola Pignato

Color by Don Greer
Illustrated by Andrew Probert & Richard Hudson



Squadron/Signal Publications


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Armor Number 39
ISBN: 0-89747-426-0
Media: Soft cover, landscape format, 50 pages plus covers (incl. 2 centre pages with colour profiles).
Price: US$8.46 from Squadron.com
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Good coverage of an otherwise neglected subject area; informative text; sequential strucure; plentiful photos; many diagrams and scrap views to illustrate variant differences and details; captions add value to photos.
Recommendation: Recommended.


Reviewed by Brett Green


F i r s t   L o o k


Italian medium tanks were an important participant on the battlefields of North Africa and the Balkans, yet information on these vehicles remains relatively scarce. 

Squadron have addressed this shortcoming with their latest Armor book in the "In Action" series, "Italian Medium Tanks in Action".

Don Greer's attractive cover artwork encases an interesting story of armoured vehicles that were of decent design, but failed to earn a fearsome reputation due to light armour, poor tensile strength and, importantly, ineffective leadership in the field.

The book focuses on the vehicles rather than their service history. The text does a good job of providing a background to Italian armour production, and a sequential description of the major medium tank variants in use from 1938 to the Italian armistice in 1943. The main types covered are the M 11-39, M 13-40, M 14-41, Semovente da 75/18, Carro Commando (Command Vehicle) M41, M 15-42 and later Semovente variants. The bulk of the coverage is devoted to the M 13-40 and M 14-41, of which over 1400 were produced.

Photos are usually the highlight of the Squadron In Action series, and this book is no exception. Almost all of the 40 pages feature between two and four captioned photos - around 100 photos in all. These are supplemented by 60 plans and scrap view drawings to compare features and point out details. 

Despite their relative lack of success on the battlefield, Italian tanks are second only to the Germans in their creative camouflage schemes. The two page "centrefold" highlights eight of these colourful schemes in yellow, brown and green. The artwork is very nice indeed.

"Italian Medium Tanks In Action" will be a welcome companion to modellers planning to build the Tamiya or Italeri M 13-40 or Semovente kits. 


Thanks to Squadron for the review sample.

Italian Medium Tanks In Action is available online from Squadron.com

Review Copyright 2001 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 29 June, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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