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Tow Tractors and Armoured Recovery Vehicles based on the
Iosef Stalin IS-2 Heavy Tank Chassis



"Tankograd Special No. 1"
by Jochen Vollert


Tankograd Special No. 1 is available online from Squadron

Reviewed by Dale Smith



S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: No.1
Contents and Media: Soft Cover A4 size book of 36 pages with English Text and B & W photos. 1/76 scale vehicle drawings as well as 1/25 and 1/10 scale detail drawings. A number of technical manual drawings are also included.
Price: USD$12.96 from Squadron.com
Review Type: FirstRead
Advantages: Unusual subject matter with many rare photos, easy to read, excellent vehicle and detail drawings.
Recommendation: Highly recommended.





This book deals with the conversions made to the Russian IS and ISU heavy vehicle chassis that produced an armoured recovery vehicle.

Unlike the Germans and the Allies that put significant amounts of time and energy into engineering and development of their armoured recovery vehicles, the Soviets during early World War 2 simply wrote off battle damaged vehicles, as they did not posess a heavy vehicle capable of retrieving them, with the S-60 unarmoured caterpillar tractors then in use being unable to be used in combat situations.






The book begins with development history starting with the IS-2T Model 1944 which was basically a IS-2 tank hull with the turret removed, then moving all the way through different development stages utilising both the IS and ISU chassis right up until the early 60s when the ISU hull was standardised , designated the BTT-1 Model 1960, that was fitted standard with a variety of recovery implements such as a stowage platform, crane, winch ( not in all cases) , up to a snorkel apparatus for fording rivers. Development also included a Command version.

Each of the major variants are covered in detail with excellent 1/76 Scale drawings covering front, rear, side and top views drawn by the author. The author has also supplied 1/10 & 1/25 scale drawings of major components such as push bars, stowage compartment details , rope rollers, towing pintles and the main bulldozer blade.

There are black and white photographs used on nearly every page, both when the vehicles were being used in service , as well as now defuncts vehicles in museums showing the different variants. Excellent use has also been made thru-out the book of drawings from technical manuals.




The book was interesting, well set out and would be a definite requirement for anybody contemplating building an ARV based on the IS or ISU chassis. The photos, drawings and information supplied are first class and would be a good reference source for a scratchbuild project.

Many thanks to 'Squadron Mail Order' for supplying the review kit.

Review Copyright 2001 by Dale Smith
Page Created 23 September, 2001
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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