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"Wireless for Wehrmacht"

Frantisek Koran and Alios Vese


S u m m a r y
Publisher: Special Museum Line No10 published by WWP Prague, Contact RAK P.O. Box 35, 170 06 Prague 7, Czech Republic.
Contents and Media: 64 pages, soft cover
ISBN: 80-802677-3-4
Price: Not Known
Review Type: Book Review
Advantages: Great quality, plenty of new colour photos; extensive coverage
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Ian Sadler


F i r s t L o o k


Published in their now familiar landscape format and on very high quality gloss paper, this book is split into the following chapters, Torn Fu 9, Torn Fu d 2, VW type 82, Horch 901 and 803BL, Kfz 17, Kfz17/1, Kfz 42, Fu 9, Fu1, Torn Fu g I, EP2, Se 469A, Fu 19, Mw EC, Fu 7, Lo UK 35, fu 5, FuG X, Kfz 42, Kfz 61, Kfz 72, Kfz 305/18, and 305/22, Panhard 221, SdKfz 250, 251, Fpfz II, Kpfz III, Stug III G.

Many a time we as model makers have puzzled at stowage doors on Radio trucks and wondered just what was inside. Well now with the aid of this book you will be able to open up all those doors and fully kit them out and more importantly know that the stowage is correct.

It manages to pack 129 colour photographs and 164 black and white photographs into its 64 pages with between two and four per page. The information on how a particular vehicle was stowed is now at long last available for all to study.

Not a single part has been omitted and the attention to detail is outstanding, the quality of the photographs is very high.

I was fortunate to see a partial display of German radio equipment on display last year. I now have all the information on what it is; what function it served and how to place it in its correct location. This book provides all and I mean all the information on how German Radios were operated.

This a dream book for scratch builders and it will make all the German modelling enthusiasts sit up and take notice - no more guess work.

I often say that this or that book will become the standard reference work on a subject. I make no apologies for repeating this now. It will help and serve as a well-thumbed reference work not only for the model maker but re-enactment societies and museums worldwide. It has set the standard for others to follow.

Price not known as the Editor Franti Koran sent a copy to me for review, many thanks and keep up the good work.

Many Thanks Ian Sadler


Review Copyright 2000 by Ian Sadler
Page Created 22 March, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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