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Frontline Illustration
German Tanks in Russian Service


S u m m a r y

Publishers’ Details:


Contents and Media:

A4 format, 80 pages, 167 b&w photographs


about £12-50

Review Type:

Book FirstLook


Many pictures (from mediocre to excellent quality); captions in English;


Some photos too small; all Russian text


Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Ian Sadler


F i r s t L o o k


This book is published on very good quality gloss paper and is presented in A4 portrait format. It has 80 pages crammed full of original wartime photographs. The vast majority has not been published in the west before. All the photographs are captioned in English but the main text is in Cyrillic.

167 black and white photographs range in quality from poor to outstanding. One must make allowance for this when you consider the conditions in which they were taken.

The majority are two per page and some four to a page. Personally I would like them all to have been two per page were possible.

One of the highlights is a fascinating section on the SU 76 I with the best set of photographs I have ever seen. I now know one is preserved on a plinth at Sarny in Russia. It also has side view plans in 1/35 scale. This is worth the price of the book alone

Here are some examples of photographs that illustrate the quality of this book:

Pages 11 to 14 show for the first time the just one of the facilities the Russians set up to process the tanks and equipment back into running order or to scrap and melt down. They are truly worth the price of the book alone.

Some of the photographs in other sections show that the Germans did not always stick to the regulations when it came to markings and their positions on the tanks etc.

For some reason several of the photographs have been printed twice.


C o n c l u s i o n


This is a truly remarkable book. It will take many hours of serious research to gain the full potential from this book. I feel certain model makers who exclusively build German models, and similarly those who produce Russian equipment, will find the book extremely useful. It will certainly add to the types of models one can display or enter competitions with. The more variety the better!

I rate it in the very "Highly Desirable" and "Must Have" on my reference self-section. I know I will personally use it time and time again. The only criticism is the text is not in English.

Go out and get yours now, as it is limited to a run of 3000 world-wide.

I obtained mine from NKR Models of Australia cost including P&P about £12-50, compared to the £16-00 + charged by English dealers.

Highly recommended by Ian Sadler 

Review Copyright © 2000 by Ian Sadler
Page Created 04 October, 2000
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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