ARMY INTELLIGENCE: Armor Modeler's Subject Reference Guide 1997
by Michael Benolkin

Catalogue No.: TacAir Publications 1997, ISBN 1-891344-04-8
Review Type: Book Review
Rating: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell

S u m m a r y

62 pages
Price: US$14.95
Advantages: First book of its type to see the light of day; well organized, straight and to the point
Disadvantages: Straight listing may not appeal to some modelers
Recommendation: A standby on the shelves of ALL armor modelers!


F i r s t   L o o k

One of the favorite buzzword phrases in the Army today is "getting one's arms around the problem". This usually entails very thorny situations or new projects, but it also applies to the situation most armor modelers have. Is there a kit of an XYZ? In what scale? Are there accessories or after-market parts for it? Are there good decals for SGT Schmidlap's tank?

This slim but highly effective little volume answers many of those questions. Written (or collated) by Mike Benolkin, a armor fan who I have known since we were both staff sergeants in Berlin (he an SSgt, me an SSG) it is a very trim and succinct list of all the kits and items available at one time on a specific subject vehicle.

Items are correlated by type of item (i.e. kit, resin conversion, decal, detail parts, etc), manufacturer, manufacturer's reference number, scale (from 1/76 to 1/9; no HO or smaller items are listed) , and manufacturer's name for
the item. The listing is quite thorough and combines many different items under one heading, which makes it easier to see if the parts you want or decals you need for a specific model are available.

One thing which would help is the year that the item came out or was initially available, as many of the detail sets are from cottage industries and short runs. Likewise, some resin or mixed media kits are not separated out from styrene plastic ones.

Overall, it is a good effort and one which is being updated on at least a yearly basis. Those of you with AMPS website visits know that we have posted a number of kit listings with reviews attached, but there are none of the overall items listed as they are here.

Thanks to Mike for the review sample of the Guide. For those of you interested in obtaining a copy, Mike's website is at or "Snail Mail" address is TacAir Publications, PO Box 90933, Albuquerque, NM 87199-0933.

Review by Cookie Sewell, April 1998.
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