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"Armour Battles on the Eastern Front"
Parts 1 and part 2
by Robert Michulec
with colour plates by A Wrobel and W Klonski


Concord Publications 603 -609 Castle Peak Building
Kong Nam Industrial Building 10/F B1 Tsuen Wan New Territories Hong Kong

Review Type: Book Review
Price: Approx.
ISBN: 962 361 627 9 and 962 361 628 7
Rating: Highly Recommended

Book Reviewed by Ian Sadler


F i r s t   L o o k

Printed in the usual portrait soft cover format made so popular by Concord.

I will in this review cover both books and treat them as if one edition. I feel that the comments apply equally to both books.

These books cover a neglected area of the history of the Eastern front.

The Authors are to be congratulated on their selection of mainly unpublished photographs and the attention to detail for modellers is brilliant.

To be fair to both books I have only selected a very small number of the of the app 350 odd photographs in both.

Part one the following are outstanding and worth the price of the book alone.

Pages 10/ 11 details of how the Russians stowed their tanks on flat cars esp the T-28 and KV-2. Page 23/24 the T-28 tanks and those on pages 31/ 41 again new photographs on the T-35 outstanding.

One photograph I would have like to see printed in a larger format is the STZ -5 with BM-13-16 rails mounted on . A great pity it was not done in Half page format.

Part two the following again are worth the cover price alone.

Page 21 a Sdkfz 251 converted into a recovery wagon Light Aid.

Pages 30 to 32 covering the aid given by America, nice to see the Sherman covered in action. You learn something new every day I didn’t know that part of the Aid included the Model GM COE 2.5 ton GS truck, The Russians used them for the M-13-16 Rocket launchers.

Lastly positive proof that SU-76 was painted white on the inside of the open fighting compartment page 58.

The rest of the books have enough German items to even please those who model only that subject.

Both books open up new and exciting prospects for super details on models and the potential for improving dioramas is huge.

Congratulations to the Authors for original research and may they go from strength to strength.

Go out and add them to you reference selves as they will give hours of enjoyment now and in the future.


Ian Sadler - IPMS (UK) Armour TAS Leader

Review Copyright 1999 by Ian Sadler
Page Created 26 May, 1999
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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