Armor and Figure Decals
Archer Fine Transfers

Catalogue No, Contents and Price.: EZ-Eyes Sheet 1 - $5.95
AR72008, 1/72 US Flags - $3.95
AR35010, Panzer III - $13.95
AR35011Y, British D-Day Stencils (Yellow), $4.95
AR35013W, Late WWII US Shipping Codes (White), $4.95
AR35013Y, Late WWII US Shipping Codes (Yellow), $4.95
AR35014, Miscellaneous Stencils, $4.95
SD99009, Weld Beads (Straight) (1/35), $9.95
SD99010, Weld Beads (Curved) (1/35), $9.95
SD99011, Casting Symbols (1/35), $9.95
SD99012, Tread Plate Texture (1/35), $9.95
Scale: Various
Media: Waterslide and Rub-Down Decals
Review Type: In-Box
Rating: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell

S u m m a r y

Advantages: Only products of this type out there today; ease of use and flexibility hard to beat
Disadvantages: May require a deft touch for best results (no "steam-roller" applications)
Recommendation: For ALL armor and figure modelers, and US modelers in particular


F i r s t   L o o k

Archer Fine Transfers – Woody Vondracek by any other name – has come on very strong in the last year as an armor decal manufacturer, and nearly received the "Best New Product of 1997" at AMPS 98. Woody has to be one of the best manufacturers in his quality and accuracy of production, and his products are very easy to use in either their dry transfer or converted wet transfer ("waterslide decal") options.

One of his most interesting new products is "EZ Eyes", which is a boon for those of us whose vision isn't what it used to be. These sets, which are waterslide type transfers, offer a wide variety of human eyes for 1/35 or 1/32 (54mm) figures. I suggest placing a drop of Future or similar acrylic gloss surfacer down first so that the eyes can get a good grip on the eyeball. Then the eyelids can be painted over them. The eyes come pre-highlighted, so anyone can now have good looking eyes for their figures, eliminating the "two dots and a line" facial expressions of many beginning figure painters.

I admit to having worked with Woody on preparing the US sheets, but it is credit due to Woody and not myself for their execution. Woody now offers the British WWII D-Day sheets for armored and softskin vehicles. These cover the applications of data by British port authorities to US vehicles, and use feet and inches and long ton/hundredweight dimensions vice the US inches, pounds, and square feet of deck space on US shipped vehicles. They are available in both white and yellow.

Woody now also offers the late war US shipping codes for pinpoint delivery of goods. While the set comes with pre-established codes for specific vehicles, by mixing and matching most of the final replacement items and end users can be replicated. These are particularly recommended for late war M4A3 tanks, T26E3 Pershings, and M24 Chaffee tanks. One last US set provides for all of the "not included anywhere else" WWII stencils applied to US tanks. These include the infamous "CAUTION - LEFT HAND DRIVE" markings used in England and all of the servicing data, such as which radio sets are installed and when the vehicle was winterized.

Michael McSwinney – another name familiar to AMPS members and followers of TRACK-LINK – has done what Woody has requested, and provided Woody with accurate information on Pzkw. III markings. While specifically designed to fix the errors in the DML Pzkw. III Ausf. J Imperial Series kit, with some work they can be used for any one of a number of Pzkw. III tanks of the 6th Company, II. Battalion, 3rd Panzer Regiment, 2nd Panzer Division in Russia. The directions explain how to correct the kit to the right model of the tank, and then how to use any of the excellent markings to duplicate ANY of the tanks from that company.

The flags are 1/72-1/76 scale, but are perfect for many of the late 1942 US markings, such as Stuarts in North Africa.

Lastly, Woody has released four more sets in his Surface Details series, which will soon enjoy favor from a wide variety of modelers. Woody has worked on a number of these sets for aircraft over the past couple of years, and these involve putting the transfers on the model before it is painted. The transfers provide details that are nearly impossible to replicate in any other fashion, such as pop rivets or DZUS fasteners. He has now turned his attention to armored vehicles, and his weld beads, casting numbers, and tread plate are magnificent.

These are applied before the model is painted, and once painted, they can be dry brushed and washed to bring out the depth of detail built into them. They are not flat decals, but slightly irregular, so that if applied per the instructions, there is more than enough surface detail for the dry brushing to "bite" on and provide a tremendous effect. The casting numbers also include most of the major US foundries and are perfect for obtaining the "ultimate Sherman" in 1/35 scale. Mark Walter provided research. Many modelers will welcome the treadplate in particular, as it is nearly in scale and easy to control where and how it goes on the model.

Thanks once again to Woody Vondracek – who supplied the review samples – and for his consistently high level of achievement.

Review by Cookie Sewell, April 1998.
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