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1/72 Armour Decals







S u m m a r y

Catalogue Numbers: AFV-7201 Deutsches Afrikakorps
AFV-7202 Armoured Cars, Half Tracks and Panthers
AFV-7203 Waffen SS Armor
AFV-7204 German Light and Medium Tanks
AFV-7205 Sturm, Jagd Kanonen
AFV-7206 Tiger and Panzer II
Scale: 1/72 (also suggested for 1/76 scale vehicles)
Contents and Media: Each - one 120mm x 95mm Decal sheet; two folded A4 pages of placement instructions. Some have tint supplementary decal sheets too.
Price: USD$8.46 each from Squadron.com
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Up to 47 vehicles per sheet; good registration and colour saturation; thin carrier film; colour and marking instructions for every vehicle; crosses supplied for all subjects.
Disadvantages: Carrier film covers entire sheet (careful cutting out will be required); carrier film does not cover all markings on one of my samples.
Recommendation: Recommended for all small-scale armour modelers.


AFV-Decals are available online from Squadron.com




The last few years has seen a revolution in the quality and quantity of small-scale armour and military vehicle models. The after-market has not taken long to catch up with this trend.

The latest accessory for 1/72 scale German vehicles is a comprehensive series of decals from a Swedish company appropriately titled “AFV-Decals”. Each of the six decal sheets has markings to suit a minimum of 31 and a maximum of 47 vehicles! The instructions claim that the decals can also be used on 1/76 scale vehicles. The tiny difference in scale should not be too noticeable on most vehicles.

The themes for each sheet are as follows:

  • AFV-7201 Deutsches Afrikakorps – 32 vehicles

  • AFV-7202 Armoured Cars, Half Tracks and Panthers – 33 vehicles

  • AFV-7203 Waffen SS Armor – 31 vehicles

  • AFV-7204 German Light and Medium Tanks – 36 vehicles

  • AFV-7205 Sturm, Jagd Kanonen – 47 vehicles

  • AFV-7206 Tiger and Panzer II – 35 vehicles

Each set includes a single 120mm x 95mm decal sheet packed with markings, plus two folded A-4 pages with decal placement and painting instructions for each vehicle. The drawings for each vehicle are very small but quite legible. The individual markings are not numbered on the decal sheet. Instead, a key to the decal numbering is supplied on the instruction sheets.

Despite their tiny size, the decals are in perfect register and the carrier film is very thin.

Each marking will need to carefully cut out though, as the carrier film covers the whole sheet. Also, on one of my samples, the carrier film did not extend all the way to one corner of the sheet, leaving a few markings partially uncovered by the film. However, this can be easily repaired with decal film solution.

These new decals are a terrific accessory for some of the new (and older) small scale armour releases. They give the modeler a good excuse to build two, three or more of a single German subject; while maintaining a variety of markings and colours.



Thanks to Squadron.com for the preview pictures


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Last updated 22 July, 2003

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