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7TP / Vickers E


Mirage Hobby


Mirage Hobby's 1/72 scale 7TP / Vickers E kits are available online from Squadron.com


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: MG72601 7TP Light Tank
MG72602 7TP Twin Turret Light Tank
MG72603 Vickers E Mk.A Tank
MG72604 Vickers E Mk.B Tank
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: Each - more than 150 parts in dark grey styrene; two flexible track lengths.
Price: USD$9.96 each rom Squadron.com
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: High quality mouldings; fine, consistent surface features; well detailed for this small scale; nicely detailed soft full-length "rubber band" track
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green




Mirage Hobby from Poland has released four 1/72 scale variants on the theme of Vickers E tanks. These are:

  • MG72601 7TP Light Tank

  • MG72602 7TP Twin Turret Light Tank

  • MG72603 Vickers E Mk.A Tank

  • MG72604 Vickers E Mk.B Tank

The Polish 7TP was based on the British Vickers E design. The initial 7TP tanks shared the twin-turret design of the original Vickers E Mk.A, but improvements were introduced in 1937 and 1938, including the replacement of the twin machine gun turrets with a single turret. This new turret was fitted with a 37mm Bofors Anti-Tank gun.

Mirage Hobby has produced four separate versions of the vehicle by offering different parts for the engine deck, superstructure and turrets. The core parts, including the running gear, tracks and lower hull, are common to all four models.

The quality of the parts is very good indeed. Surface details are subtly rendered, whether they be recessed panel lines or raised boltheads. There are some minor sinkmarks on the hull sides and on the suspension swing arms, but these will be mostly hidden by the running gear. Otherwise, the presentation of the kit parts is close to perfect.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

The detail is good too. I particularly like the drive sprockets and idler wheels; plus the fine raised detail representing grills on the engine deck.

Rubbery lengths of track are supplied - one for each side. The tracks are very flexible. This is especially important on a small model with delicate suspension. Detail on both the front and back faces of the tracks are not adversely impacted by the soft material. Guide horns have also been moulded on to the back of the tracks.

Instructions are called out over 19 steps by exploded view diagrams. They include English-language history notes and comments peppered throughout the instructions. Two marking options are supplied - one Polish and one German.





Small scale armour models have come a long way over the last few years. Manufacturers such as Revell have really gotten behind this niche, and it appears that Mirage has also made a commitment in this area.

These 7TP / Vickers E derivatives will be of interest to small scale modelers and wargamers.


Thanks to Squadron.com for the review sample.

Review and Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 07 July, 2002
Last updated 22 July, 2003

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